The Notice of Receipt summarizes the details as described in the Application for Beneficial Water Use Permit or the Application to Change a Water Right. The details provided reflect the application as originally submitted. The notice does not reflect changes to the application made during the review process.

Objections to an application must be postmarked by the objection deadline specified in the public notice.  Objections to an application must be filed on a Objection to Application form No. 611.   Mail the completed objection form and the $50.00 filing fee to the Water Resources Division, Water Rights Bureau, PO Box 201601, Helena, MT 59620-1601.

Direct any questions regarding an application to the Water Resources Regional Office listed on the notice. Click on any county to view listings

The purpose of this website is to provide the public with information on environmental assessments of water right applications for permits and authorizations to change. 2-3-111, 2-3-301, and 2-17-532 MCA.

The DNRC keeps environmental assessments (EAs) on the Internet for approximately six months from the date when the EA was prepared, or until the application is issued or terminated.