Each year, hundreds of homes across the country are lost to wildfires. Studies show that approximately 80% of these homes could have been saved with a properly treated Home Ignition Zone.

The Home Ignition Zone, or HIZ, includes the home and its immediate surroundings out to 200 feet. We divide the HIZ into four sub-zones: the Immediate, Intermediate, Extended, and Outer Zone. Simple tasks within these zones can greatly reduce your home’s wildfire risk. Such tasks include removing debris from rooftops and gutters, regularly raking needles and leaves away from the home, and pruning up lower tree limbs. When preparing for wildfire, always begin at the home and work your way out.

For more information on how to prepare the Home Ignition Zone for wildfire, check out MTFireInfo.org. This website is your one-stop-shop for how to prepare for wildfire in Montana.

If you are looking for professional help concerning the HIZ, request a Wildfire Risk Assessment. A fire professional will assess your property and provide recommendations for how to better prepare for wildfire.