608 DNRC Water Right Ownership Update

Use for all changes in ownership of entire water right.  Do not use this form if you are a user of a municipal or irrigation district water system.


You do not need to submit an Ownership Update form to update the mailing address on your water right. Click here to change your water right address.


Ownership Update FAQsSB55 was passed by the MT Legislature in 2021 and went into effect on October 1, 2021.  The linked document provides a basic explanation of changes enacted by this law and provides additional helpful resources.


Use to divide, exempt, or sever a water right:

Ownership of the water right must be expressly addressed in a deed or other recorded document of conveyance.

Form No. 641, Use this form for a water right that has been divided.

Form No. 642, Use this form for a split and severed water right. 

Form No. 643, Use this form for a water right that has been fully severed.