Fire is a part of Montana. That means that we, as Montanans, must learn how to live with fire. You can prepare yourself, your home, and your community for wildfire by:

  1. Building or retrofitting your home with wildfire in mind,
  2. Treating your property to reduce flammable materials,
  3. Increasing awareness and preparedness during times of high fire danger, and
  4. Preparing your family and community for smoke impacts and evacuation.
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And while fire is a natural part of Montana, 3 out of 4 wildfires in Montana are ignited by humans. Each one of us can reduce the wildfire risk to our communities by preventing human-caused wildfire starts. Do your part by:

  1. Keeping burn piles small, and never burn on hot and windy days,
  2. Always put your campfires dead out, and
  3. Maintain lawn & farm equipment and operate this equipment early on hot, dry days. has plenty of prevention tips for you as well.


For the homeowner


For the planners and professionals  

  • 2022 Community Wildfire Protection Plan Guidebook 
  • Worksheet for application Development 
  • Submit Application via Submittable 
  • Community Safety Through Regulation 
  • Guidelines for Development in WUI 
  • 2012 International WUI Code