The Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation maintains records on the largest trees in the state. These trees are aptly called "Big Trees" as they represent specimen trees that have been catalogued as the largest representatives of their particular species discovered thus far.

The Register

The state's Register of Big Trees is a result of the work of many people's efforts over many years. As there is no funding to support this program, its success is largely dependent on continued volunteer efforts of people such as you. Many records are older and out of date. Some trees on the register may now be gone or have lost branches and leaders, so may no longer be the biggest.

Any help you can provide to update or complete the records would be very much appreciated. If you can provide measurement updates, please send them to State Coordinator: Dan Rogers. You can also add to the Register of Big Trees by filling out the nomination form.

Montana's forests are a delight for current and future generations. Our trees provide everything from wood products and medicines to life-giving oxygen, clean water and energy conservation. The Montana DNRC hosts this program in order to encourage the appreciation of Montana's forests and trees. Exploring our landscape for these big specimen trees can put you in touch with our natural resources heritage.

Good luck in your search!