DNRC Conservation and Resource Development Division manages multiple programs and administrative attachments that work toward the sustainability and conservation of Montana’s natural resources through providing financial, legal, technical, or educational services.


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Grant & Loan Programs

Funding to conserve, manage, protect, restore, and develop Montana’s resources

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Conservation Districts

Provides financial, legal and technical assistance, and training to Montana's 58 conservation districts


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Regional Water Systems

Provides financial and administrative assistance to Montana’s Regional Water Systems


Water Reservations
Supports conservation districts throughout the state in administering their reserved water to private individuals for agricultural use

Attached Programs & Resources

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Rangeland Resources

Assures sustainable rangelands to support people, wildlife, recreation, clean water, and the natural scenic beauty of Montana

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Sage Grouse Habitat Program
Works to sustain and conserve Montana sage grouse populations and habitats

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Montana Invasive Species Council
Provides education and resources to combat invasive species detrimental to Montana

Western Montana Conservation Commission

Monitors and protects the existing high quality of Western Montana’s aquatic and natural resources

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Water, Wastewater & Solid Waste Action (WASACT)
Coordinating team of stakeholders and interested groups working on water, wastewater, and solid waste projects

Grass Conservation Commission

Works to conserve, protect, restore, and facilitate the proper utilization of grass, forage, and range resources