70% of Montana is rangeland (68,000,000 acres) which provides habitat for wildlife, forage for livestock, and a host of ecosystem goods and services for the state. In Montana, rangelands provide watershed services worth $14/acre including water collection, groundwater filtration, and aquifer recharge. 

Rangelands and grasslands reflect a growing interest for the ecosystem goods and services that these lands provide, the relationship of humans to these landscapes, and the efforts required to keep these lands sustainable. Interest exists to maintain a healthy and biodiverse ecosystem that provides water availability, clean air, and wildlife populations while supporting agriculture, energy and minerals production. The RRP focuses on building relationships among diverse groups to share perspectives and ideas that foster healthy, sustainable rangelands. 

The RRP provides opportunities to bring together people who care to learn from one another and collaborate on common goals. The program serves as a credible source of information; unbiased, trusted, honest and non-political as well as welcoming anyone who cares about rangeland. The program focuses on building relationships among diverse groups and sharing perspectives and ideas that foster healthy, sustainable rangelands.


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Riding Horses
Rangeland Improvement Loan Program

Low-interest loans available to Montana farmers and ranchers for rangeland improvements and development.

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Interns and Host
Working Lands Internship Program

For any student looking into natural resources, get real-world and hands-on experience at a ranching operation.

Ranching In Montana
Learn more about Ranching in Montana, watch videos about the people living and working on the rangeland in Montana.

Myllymaki Family
Leopold Conservation Award

Publicly recognizing extraordinary achievement in voluntary conservation.



The Rangeland Resources Program receives guidance from the RRC, which is composed of 6 Governor appointed ranchers from select geographic areas in Montana. The RRC is statutorily mandated to make recommendations to and provide guidance for the Rangeland Resources Program to DNRC. The RRC also has the responsibility of providing support and guidance to the State Coordinator for Rangeland Resources. 

  • Diane Ahlgren, Chair, Winnett
  • John Hollenback, Vice Chair, Gold Creek
  • Sigurd Jensen, Elmo
  • Jim Anderson, Chinook
  • Leah Lewis, Boulder
  • Ron Devlin, Terry


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