The goal of the Montana Urban & Community Forestry Program (UCF) is to assist with the development and maintenance of local urban forestry programs.

What is Urban Forestry?

Urban forestry is the care and management of trees in urban settings (i.e., our streets and backyards). Urban forestry advocates the role of trees as a critical part of the urban infrastructure. They are dynamic ecosystems that provide environmental services such as energy conservation, better air quality, economic vitality, reduced stormwater runoff, carbon sequestration, and aesthetically enhancing communities.

Statewide, Montana has been working to inventory Urban Community Forests.  So far, 61 communities have been inventoried.  You can view these urban forest inventories here.

Visit here to see what is happening in our urban forests nationwide.

The The Montana Urban and Community Forestry Association advises the State Forester on the direction of the Urban Forestry Program. This association is made up of representatives from various agencies, nonprofits, industries, tree board members and volunteers throughout the state.  Please visit to learn more about the Montana Urban and Community Forestry Association.

Click here to download the UCF Brochure.



  • Technical assistance and training for communities and tree care professionals
  • Financial assistance to communities and non-profit organizations
  • Public education in support of planting trees in urban environments
  • Volunteer coordination assistance to encourage participation at the local level
  • Urban forestry personnel includes a statewide coordinator and two regional urban forestry Service Foresters. Find your urban forester here.


Grant Opportunities:

The Urban and Community Forestry Program offers grants to improve urban and community forests.  Click here to find out about Community Grant opportunities.


Tribal Relations:

A few things that the program has assisted with are tree plantings for community spaces, removal and mitigation of hazard trees, and training and equipment for workforce development. Click here to learn more about the partnerships the DNRC has and is creating with Tribes in Montana.


Other Resources:

  • Resources and other technical assistance with urban forestry can be accessed here.