Program Development and IRA Funding Grant

This year’s RFP has funding from two USDA Forest Service sources. These sources fund similar activities but have different eligibility criteria and different match requirements. Organizations can apply to receive funds from both sources depending on project eligibility.

  • Urban and Community Forestry Program Funds - $100,000 available (3:1 match requirement) the traditional Urban and Community Forestry (UCF) Program Development Grants offered with a reduced match requirement for 2024. Project locations throughout the state.
  • New: Inflation Reduction Act Funds (IRA) - $300,000 available (no match requirement) for projects that take place entirely within a disadvantaged area as defined by the Montana Urban and Community Forestry Grant Tool. This tool identifies areas that are marginalized, underserved, and overburdened by pollution in national datasets. No match is required for these funds, but additional tracking and reporting requirements may be required.

DNRC will offer at least one other round of IRA funding in the fall of 2024.

Application period is closed.

Informational webinar recording from December 12, 2023 regarding the IRA & PD Grant funding opportunity can be accessed by clicking on the image below.

Overview of IRA & PD Grants changes: 2:21
Using the Submittable platform & quick facts: 18:22
DNRC’s IRA Map Tutorial: 29:25
Q&A session: 38:53

Tree Planting Grants

For the purchase and planting of one or more trees in the celebration of Arbor Day.
  • All communities are eligible for a $350 grant
  • Tree City USA communities are eligible for a $850 grant
  • The grant requires submission of an Arbor Day Proclamation
  • Matching funds are encouraged but not required
  • “Tree-centric” grants, meaning trees are the only plant materials eligible for purchase

Application period is closed.


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