The Forestry Division Office oversees the financial, administrative and facility management operations of the Forestry Division.

Financial Services:

  • Budget and Legislation Development, working with other Forestry Division bureaus, the Governor’s office, and the DNRC Director’s office.
  • Federal Grant and DNRC Contract Accounting and Management, ensuring grant and contract requirements are met.
  • Fire Finance Accounting, working with federal agencies and other cooperators to ensure fire costs are reasonable and paid by the appropriate agency.
  • Hazard Reduction Agreement (HRA) Accounting, including correctly allocating monies to bond accounts and processing refunds when slash clearance is satisfactory.
  • Financial Reporting required by DNRC, the Governor’s Office, the Montana State Legislature, and federal agencies.

Administrative Services:

  • Administrative Assistance to the Montana State Forester and Forestry Division personnel, including reception, mail processing, copy editing, file management and any other needed administrative services.
  • Human Resources Coordination and Support for Forestry Division supervisors hiring or managing personnel.
  • Providing support for Missoula legal staff.

Facilities Management:

  • Forestry Division Janitorial and Building Maintenance services for the Forestry Division complex in Missoula.
  • Overseeing DNRC Building Management and Construction for Forestry Division field offices state-wide.
  • Managing DNRC Building Projects state-wide, both new construction and remodeling, prioritizing projects for approval by both the Governor’s Office and the Montana State Legislature.