The Conservation Seedling Nursery sells trees and plants through two programs. The General Sale and Contracts.
The General Sale is a “first come, first serve” sales program for conservation projects generally smaller than 5 acres or < 1,000 seedlings of a specific species.
Customers seeking 1,000+ seedlings of a specific species are encouraged to join our Contract program. Utilizing the Contract program for large orders ensures we can provide you with genetically fit seedlings for your planting area and guarantees you'll recieve the quantity of seedlings needed for your project.


The seedling sale for Fall 2022 and Spring 2023 will begin on October 1, 2022.

If you would like to place an order please download the

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General Sale Ordering Information 

Containerized and bareroot seedlings are grown at the nursery in Missoula from local or source-identified seed for use by private landowners, conservation organizations, government agencies or others in the forestry industry for conservation projects.

To be eligible to place an order, the seedlings must be used for a conservation project. Examples of conservation projects are shelterbelts/ windbreaks, reforestation (of all habitat types), wildlife habitat, post-fire restoration, etc. Our order form has a conservation verification check-list that will help you identify if you are eligible to purchase seedlings from our nursery. If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (406)-542-4244 or email us at 


  • First time customers the minimum order for small container is 144 seedlings for new plantings.
  • First time customers the minimum order for large container is 45 seedlings for new plantings.
  • First time customers the minimum order for bareroot is 150 seedlings.
  • First time customers only need to meet one of the above order minimums, not all three.
  • Order small container sizes in lots of 24, large in lots of 9, and bareroot in lots of 50.
  • Established customers only need to order in the lot quantities above.
  • Ordering begins in September, the fall preceding your planned spring planting.
  • Seedlings sold through our General Sales program are sold on a first come, first serve basis.
  • Seed source East is best for folks east of the divide. 
  • Seed source West is best for those west of the divide.


General Sales Inventory

Your local County Extension Agent, Conservation District personnel, or DNRC Forester are excellent resources for helping decide on species that grow well in your area.

Complete the fillable order form and mail it to the Nursery to reserve seedlings for the upcoming planting season. Fillable order form can be emailed to An invoice will be generated and mailed or emailed back to the customer for check payment once species/number requested is confirmed available.

Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery seedlings are strictly for conservation practices and cannot be used for ornamental or landscape plantings. If you want to buy plants for landscaping, see your local private nursery or garden center.


Delivery Options

Option 1: Pick up your seedlings at the nursery in Missoula. We will send you a postcard when your order is ready for pick-up.

Option 2: Pick up your seedlings from one of the 36 counties we deliver to (see order form). Our refrigerated box truck will deliver your seedlings to county Conservation District or Extension Office you select, they will contact you about when to come pick up your seedlings. Orders must be received by March 15th to be shipped to a county office.

Option 3: FedEx to an address of your choice. The fee is 19% of your order total or $15.00 minimum. Large container hardwoods cannot be shipped via FedEx, they are too tall.

Delivery and Pick-up schedules are determined March 20th.


Contract Sales

Ordering seedlings from the nursery's general sale inventory is a convenient, easy way to procure small quantities of seedlings. However, higher volume customers should set up a contract with the Nursery in advance of production. The contract establishes a customized grow for the quantity and seed source needed for large projects. The average time for contract fulfillment is 18 months. Remember, we are growing the trees for your project, they are seeds when you call us, and we need time to grow them into trees. Please see our contract timeline guides in the Resources section of the webpage.

There are three contract order requirements:

  1. Customers desiring a contract seedling order must have an order greater than 1,000 seedlings. Contracts not available for 175 cubic inch container species.
  2. The contract must be established by December, prior to the start of the seed germination process.
  3. Contracts are set-up directly with the Nursery, not through the online ordering portal.
If you have any questions, please call the Nursery at (406) 542-4244 between 9:00 AM and 3:30 PM, or you can email us at