The Conservation Seedling Nursery sells seedlings through two programs. The General Sale and Contracts.

The General Sale is a “first come, first serve” annual sales program for conservation and restoration projects. Ordering begins in September for Spring delivery.

Customers seeking 1,000+ seedlings are encouraged to join our Contract program. Utilizing the Contract program for large orders ensures we can provide you with genetically fit seedlings for your planting area and guarantees you'll receive the quantity of seedlings needed for your project.
We are Accepting Contract Orders for Deciduous Species, Conifers are Full

Click Here for Contract Information

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(Have a Great Summer)

 We are no longer producing bareroot plant material (including caragana) for the foreseeable future
We will have 10 cu. in. and 175 cu. in. container Caragana available

The 98th annual sale begins Sept. 18 

Click Here for the Seedling Delivery Schedule
Nursery pickup (Missoula), Apr. 15 - May 15
Email to schedule your pickup

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General Sale Ordering Information 

Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery seedlings are strictly for conservation plantings and cannot be used for ornamental plantings.
If you want to buy plants for ornamental landscaping, see your local private nursery or garden center.

To be eligible to place an order, the seedlings must be used for a conservation (includes restoration and reclamation) project. The order form has an attached conservation verification check-list that will help you identify if you are eligible to purchase seedlings from our nursery. If any of the options pertain to your planting - you qualify! If you think your project is considered conservation but the options on the checklist do not apply to your project, there is a space where you can write in why you think your planting is considered conservation and will review your application and get back to you within 7-10 days depending on email/ mail volumes

Please Note: There is a high demand for our seedlings, and we operate on a first come, first served basis for all orders. Orders are processed manually by our business manager and take time to complete. Upon submission of your order via email, an automatic confirmation will be sent acknowledging its receipt. Please anticipate a processing period of 7-10 business days before receiving your order confirmation and invoice. Our inventory is manually updated at the end of each business day. However, due to the manual aspect of placing orders, real-time inventory levels may occasionally vary based on existing order queues. Unless something is labeled ‘Sold Out’ place your order based upon the current inventory.



How to Order Seedlings

The order form has all of the information you need and includes this step-by-step guide on how to order

Orders are placed starting in September for Spring pick up / delivery (typically in April)

1. Getting Started and Placing Your Order: The first step is to review the order form. This comprehensive packet outlines our policies and will help you determine if ordering seedlings from The Conservation Seedling Nursery aligns with your needs.
• Our seedlings are sold in bulk. For new customers, your initial order must be at least double the minimum requirement for returning customers (refer to page 3). Subsequent orders classify you as a returning customer.

2. Choosing Plant Species: If you’re unsure about which plant species to order, refer to the catalog.
• The catalog will provide you with information about each available plant species and the conditions required for them to thrive. This resource will help you determine what will grow well in your area. If you need further assistance, your local conservation district or extension office are a great resources. Direct ordering is available in certain counties.

3. Reviewing Available Inventory: Once you have determined what tree species you’re interested in, review the inventory. This section provides details about available sizes, seed sources, and species currently in stock.

4. Completing Your Order Form: Fill out the order form using the information you have gathered from the inventory.
• Review pages 3, 4, and 5.
• Complete the Conservation Verification Checklist on pages 6 and 7.
• Complete the order form (page 8) and include alternatives in case of unavailability.
• Review page 9 and select the best delivery option for you on page 10. (We deliver to 36 counties, click here to visit our pick and delivery page for towns we deliver to within each county)
• Do not forget to sign page 10. Typed names are acceptable. We cannot complete your order without a signature.

5. Submitting Your Order: Email your completed packet to
• Or mail your packet to: 2705 Spurgin Rd. Missoula, MT 59801
• Mailing your order will delay your place in line by approximately 4 days during transit.
• Email submissions prompt an automated confirmation of order receipt.
• In 7-10 days (depending on order queue), you will receive an invoice copy via email or mail (if no email is listed). Instructions on how to pay, and any additional necessary information will be included.

6. Stay Informed: On April 1st we’ll release a newsletter with pickup and delivery information.
• To receive the newsletter, if not already subscribed, sign up here.
• Our website will also be updated periodically with important information

7. Preparing for Seedling Arrival: As you prepare for your seedlings’ arrival our website’s resources page has information on pickup, transportation, care, and planting. We strongly recommend reviewing this document to ensure you are ready for your Spring planting!


Office Hours 
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9:00 am - 4:00 pm
If you need help outside of these hours, please call or email to make an appointment

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Phone: 406-542-4244