Seedling Packaging
From left to right: Box of 144 small seedlings, 9 size 175 ponderosa pine, bundle of 300-400 caragana, 9 size 175 prairie sky poplar
Seedling delivery
Bareroot Caragana
Bundle of 50 Caragana
There is a pink 12 inch ruler in most photos to help determine seedling height
Small Container, 10 cubic inch

From Left to Right: Juniper, Blue Spruce, Alder, Lodgepole

10 cubic inch
Small Container, 20 cubic inch
From Left to Right: Alder, White-fir
20 cubic inch
Small Container, 22 cubic inch
Left to Right: Douglas Fir West, Douglas Fir East, Willow
22 cubic inch
Small Container, 27 cubic inch


Left to Right: Ponderosa Pine



Aspen, Serviceberry, Buffaloberry

27 cubic inch


Lilac, Honey Locust 

27 cubic inch
Large Container, 175 cubic inch (pots are 14 inch long x 4 inch wide)


Left to Right: Blue Spruce, Ponderosa, Juniper



Amur Maple, Chokecherry, Green Ash

175 cubic inch
Size Comparison, Ponderosa Pine



Size Comparison, Blue Spruce