What is W2ASACT?

Water, Wastewater and Solid Waste Action Coordinating Team (W2ASACT)

W2ASACT is a group of stakeholders working on water, wastewater, and solid waste projects to improve our state's environmental infrastructure.  

In 1982, a group of professionals from state, federal, and non-profit organizations that finance, regulate, or provide technical assistance for community water and wastewater systems, decided to start meeting in order to coordinate and enhance their efforts. We meet quarterly to discuss projects and group goals.  

These infrastructure projects have multiple and diverse funding sources.  WASACT is a tool to help people navigate the funding options and resources available to facilitate a successful project for all stakeholders involved.  This collaboration between multiple government agencies and other organizations is paramount to get these projects done efficiently and in a timely manner. 

Upcoming Meetings

WASACT Meeting July 9, 2024 10 AM

How to Attend:

  • In person - DNRC Headquarters Building, 2nd floor
  • Can't make it in person? - Attend via Zoom (link coming soon)

Meeting Materials:

Previous Meetings

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Partners and Resources List - 2022 Funder Contacts

  • Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation - Conservation and Resource Development Division
  • Montana Finance Information Center
  • Montana Coal Endowment Program - MT Dept. of Commerce
  • Intercap Program - State Board of Investments
  • Montana Water Center - MSU Bozeman
  • Public Water Supply Section - MT Dept. of Environmental Quality
  • Community Development Block Grant Program - MT Dept. of Commerce
  • State Revolving Fund - MT Dept. of Environmental Quality
  • Local Government Center - Montana State University

  • U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development - Community Builders Fellowship
  • U.S. Dept. of Housing and Urban Development - Helena Office (local information)
  • U.S. Dept. of Commerce - Economic Development Administration
  • U.S. Environmental Protection Agency:
    • Water Funding
    • Region 8
    • Drinking Water
  • U.S. Dept of Agriculture - Rural Development
  • Rural Community Assistance Corporation
  • Montana Association of Counties
  • Montana League of Cities and Towns
  • Montana Rural Development Partners
  • Montana Rural Water Systems