Montana's Forest Practice regulations exist to protect our natural resources for all to enjoy.

DNRC administers several laws as they pertain to Forest Practices:

The Streamside Management Zone Law & Rules, commonly referred to as the SMZ Law, which regulates and prohibits certain activities within an SMZ. An Illustrated Guide to SMZ Law and Rules is provided for reference.

The Control of Timber Slash and Debris Law & Rules, commonly referred to as the Slash Law or the Fire Hazard Reduction Law. This law pertains to timber harvest operations on private lands and requires the abatement of slash hazard. Visit the Logging Slash Reduction section for additional information and an HRA application form.

The Forest Practice Notification Law requires operators or landowners to notify the department when forest practices are going to take place on private lands. DNRC Service Foresters will provide information on Forestry Best Management Practices (BMPs) and applicable laws. These BMPs are considered voluntary.

For more information on this program, contact your local Service Forester or the Program Manager Marc Vessar at (406) 381-6736.