The Hazard Reduction Agreement (HRA)

The Control of Timber Slash and Debris law requires a contractor (usually the landowner or operator) to enter into a bonded contract agreement, known as a Fire Hazard Reduction Agreement. The agreement requires that logging slash be reduced to acceptable state standards. Furthermore, the law requires sawmills and other purchasers of forest products to obtain proof that the seller (contractor) of the forest products has an agreement. Mills withhold certain funds to transfer to the State which then becomes the bond.

The DNRC monitors these agreements and releases the bond on completion of the hazard reduction work. The DNRC also has the responsibility to “…complete, direct or authorize the fire hazard reduction…” should the contractor fail to comply with the law.

The Control of Timber Slash and Debris Law pertains to all private lands in the State of Montana.

An HRA is a bonded agreement between the DNRC and the person conducting the work to reduce the hazard created from logging debris to state standards.

For more information on this program, contact your local Service Forester or Program Manager Marc Vessar at (406) 381-6736.