Primary Phone Numbers

DNRC Headquarters: 406-444-2074
Conservation and Resource Development: 406-444-6667
Forestry and Fire:  406-542-4300
Trust Lands Management: 406-444-5499
Water Resources:  406-444-6999
Board of Oil and Gas Conservation:  406-656-0040

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Water Rights

Eight Water Resources Regional Offices are located around the state to assist with water right applications and questions. Personnel at each office can inform you of specific water right considerations in your area.

Water Rights Headquarters in Helena: 406-444-610 

Regional Office Contacts

Well Logs

The Ground Water Assessment Program, established by the Montana Legislature in 1991, oversees the collection, interpretation, and publication of essential groundwater information. The Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology maintains a searchable database.

Phone: 406-496-4336

Ground Water Information Center


State Grazing Leases

Administrative staff and specialists in the Department's Helena office and staff in field offices statewide manage the program. Local offices are the best contact for specific questions about your lease.

Agriculture and Grazing Bureau, Helena Office: 406-444-4951

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Cabin Site Leases
Cabin sites, also known as home sites, are small lots for lease that are scattered across the state of Montana.  Hundreds of these sites are located on lakes or rivers, or mountain forests, while others are found near farm and ranch land. They are all five acres or less, and are exclusively for residential use.

Cabin Site Lease Manager: 406-444-0518

Cabin Site Leases

Burn Permits

Open burning is regulated because smoke from open burning can have serious health effects if released to the atmosphere during times of poor ventilation. Open Burning is allowed year-round, however, requirements to obtain a dispersion forecast prior to burning vary by season.

Contact DEQ Open Burning Permits: (406) 444-1452

Open Burn Information County Burn Permit




Montana Land Board

Timber, surface, and mineral resources are managed for the benefit of the common schools and the other endowed institutions in Montana, under the direction of the State Board of Land Commissioners. The board consists of Montana's five top elected officials.

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Hunting or Fishing on State Lands

Dispersed hunting and fishing is allowed on State Trust Land with the purchase of a conservation license from Fish, Wildlife and Parks. All hunting and fishing in Montana is regulated by FWP. Visit the FWP website for regulations on hunting and fishing.

Hunt and Fish Regulations

Noxious Weeds

Noxious weeds have a destructive impact on Montana's landscape by displacing native plant species, increasing soil erosion, and decreasing wildlife habitat and recreational opportunities. The Department of Agriculture's Noxious Weed Programs offer resources and assistance with the management of state- and county-listed noxious weeds.

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310 Stream Permit

If you are planning to do work on or near a waterway in Montana, one or several permits may be required. Conservation districts, along with participating agencies, created a Joint Application Form  to help reduce the number of application forms that you need to complete to get your permits.

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