Commercial or concentrated recreational use on state trust land requires a special recreational use license (SRUL).  The license fee for an SRUL is based on the scope and terms of the license.  Additionally, SRULs may be issued through competitive bidding.   Types of uses that require an SRUL include:

To apply

Visit the activity webpage to see important details and obtain the appropriate application:

If your recreational activity does not fit into one of the categories above, but is commercial, or is organized, developed, or coordinated, please inquire with your local DNRC field office.

DNRC Review

  • Applications are submitted to the local DNRC field office.
  • DNRC reviews applications in the order that they are received.
  • Lessees are scoped for comment on new SRUL applications.
  • DNRC will consider lessee comments, anticipated user conflicts, application order, history of violations, MEPA analysis, and other environmental or land management factors.
  • The cost and terms of an SRUL are based on the use, duration, and impacts.
  • Apply at least 30 days prior to your planned start date. The earlier, the better!