In Montana, private and community forest landowners are responsible for nearly 25% of Montana's forested areas, covering 4.6 million acres of the Treasure State. The DNRC Forest Stewardship Program exists to ensure that Montana's private forest landowners have the resources they need to make their sustainable forest management goals a reality. The Stewardship Program offers assistance in the following areas:

Provides information about local partner programs available to forest landowners across the state. These programs are focused on reducing wildfire risk and improving forest health.

Resources for Grant Partners
Grant funding is available for partners to restore forest landscapes, manage wildfire risk, and implement conservation education opportunities.

Educational Resources
Connects landowners with natural resource education opportunities including one-on-one consultations, workshops, and webinars.

Thanks to these resources, the DNRC Stewardship Program increases the ability of landowners, natural resource managers, and communities to meet their forest management objectives and enhance public benefits from Montana forests.