The DNRC Stewardship Program delivers around $2.5 million annually in financial assistance to help private forest landowners manage the wildfire risk on their forest land. Through a partnership with the USDA Forest Service - State and Private Forestry, this funding:

  • Supports active forest management
  • Enhances public benefits from private forests
  • Provides important jobs in the forest products sector.

Reduce Wildfire Risk

Financial assistance to reduce wildfire risk is made available to individual forest landowners through regional partnerships with organizations and local governments. Please connect with your local partner, listed below, to learn more about available programs.

Please contact your DNRC Service Forester if a local wildfire risk reduction program is not listed for your area or you have questions about managing your forest land.


Resilient Forest Landscapes

Engaged private forest landowners are a critical component of a healthy Montana forest. The following organizations provide resources for forest landowners to help them make their sustainable management goals a reality: