Important Note: Due to legislation passed by the 2023 Montana Legislature, the process and forms for permit and change applications (600 and 606 Forms) is changing on January 1. Learn more about the changes here. For a detailed discussion on what to expect with the new permit and change process, join representatives from DNRC's Regional Offices, New Appropriations Program, and Water Sciences Bureau on January 4, 2024 from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm. Register for the webinar here. Please note that fees for all types of water right forms will also increase on January 1. 

Beneficial Water Use Permit Forms

 Pre-Application Meeting Form (Revised 08-2018)

Permit Application Manual

While not a one-stop-shop, the Permit Application Manual is a regularly updated document that provides a detailed summary of the different aspects of Department application review and processing. (Note that printing out the Water Right Permit Manual is not recommended due to its regular updates and large file size!)

Controlled Groundwater Area Forms

East Valley Controlled Groundwater Area 

South Pine Controlled Groundwater Area

Yellowstone Controlled Groundwater Area 

Applicants wishing to appropriate water in the YCGA must apply for a Permit for Beneficial Water Use from the Montana DNRC and install a meter to measure the total volume of water used. Meters are provided free of charge by DNRC, made possible with NPS funding.

View a map of the Yellowstone Controlled Groundwater Area.

 For groundwater uses within the Yellowstone Controlled Groundwater Area up to 35 gallons per minute and 10 acre-feet per year.

 For uses over 35 gallons per minute or 10 acre-feet per year, use Form 600 GW and the following addendum.


Groundwater Development Forms

602 Notice of Completion of Ground Water Development (Revised 08/2023)
For groundwater developments with a maximum use of 35 gallons per minute or less not to exceed 10 acre-feet per year.

Additional Information Addendum to Form 602 (03/2023)

Horse Creek Controlled Groundwater Area (for use ONLY in the Controlled Area in Stillwater County)

Request to Reduce a Groundwater Certificate (New 03-2015)
Use this form to reduce the flow rate, volume place of use, period of use, and/or purposes of use on an existing groundwater certificate.

603 Well Log Report Used Only by Drillers to Record Wells Drilled

Water Right Change Forms

Pre-Application Meeting Form (Revised 08-2018)

606 Non-Filed Water Project Addendum

606-CD Conservation District Water Reservation Based Change

606B Supplement to Application for Change of Appropriation Water Right
For any change in purpose of use or place of use of 5.5 or more cubic feet per second and 4,000 or more acre-feet.

Water Right Ownership Update Forms

608 DNRC Water Right Ownership Update
Use for all changes in ownership of entire water right.  Do not use this form if you are a user of a municipal or irrigation district water system.
**Be sure the form says it was revised on 10/2021 in the upper left corner.  If it does not, you will need to clear your browsing history.

Use to divide, exempt, or sever a water right:
Form 641 - Use this form for a water right that has been divided.
Form 642 - Use this form for a water right that has been exempted (reserved) from a land sale where the seller chose to retain ownership of the water right or for a water right that has been severed from the land without a land sale. Ownership of the water right must be expressly addressed in a deed or other recorded document of conveyance.

Other Water Right Forms

605 Application for Provisional Permit for Completed Stockwater Pit or Reservoir (Updated 11-2020)
May only be used to apply for a water use permit for a completed stock watering pit or reservoir when the following criteria are met: (1) capacity is less than 15 acre-feet with an annual appropriation of less than 30 acre-feet; (2) located on a non-perennial flowing stream; and (3) constructed on and accessible to a parcel of land 40 acres or larger and owned or under the control of the applicant. 

607 Application for Extension of Time (Updated 03-2019)
Request for additional time to complete a Provisional Permit or Authorization Change.

609 Water Use Complaint

609INS — Water Right Dispute Options

611 Objection to Application (Updated 08/2019)
Used to object to any Form 600, 606, 626, or 638 application.

613 Fee Schedule for the Appropriation of Water in MontanaUsed to determine filing fee for appropriations of water in Montana.

615 Water Conversion Table
Guide for standard water conversions and general water requirements.

617 Notice of Completion of Permitted Water Development (Updated 03-2019)
Filed after completion and beneficial use of a Provisional Permit.

618 Notice of Completion of Change of Appropriation Water Right (Updated 03-2019)
Filed after completion of an Authorization to Change.

625 Correction of Water Right Record (Revised 12-2018)

626 Notice of Renewal
Use this form to renew a Temporary Water Right Change.

630 Controlled Groundwater Area Petition (Revised 01-2017)
For groundwater users to petition the Board of Natural Resources and Conservation for creation of a controlled groundwater area.

631 Petition for Closure of a Highly Appropriated Basin
For existing water right holders to petition the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation to limit or reject new water uses within a highly appropriated water basin or subbasin.

633 Aquifer Test Data Form (Microsoft Excel document)
Comprehensive data collection form for reporting aquifer test information.

634 Replacement Well Notice
For municipal wells that do not exceed 450 gpm or for all wells that do not exceed 35 gpm and 10 acre-feet per year.

606/634-NFWPA Non-Filed Water Project Addendum

635 Redundant Well Construction Notice
For redundant wells in a public water supply system as defined by 75-6-102, MCA.

637 Reinstatement Request
To request reinstatement of a terminated Provisional Permit or Change Authorization.

639 Waiver of Statutory Timelines
To allow additional time regarding a water right application.

641 DNRC Ownership Update Divided Interest (Updated 03-2015)
For a water right that will be divided. Your water right will be divided into separate water rights based on the information provided.

642 DNRC Ownership Update Exempt (Reserved) / Severed Water Right (Updated 01-2013)
Use this form for a water right that has been exempted (reserved) from a land sale where the seller chose to retain ownership of the water right or for a water right that has been severed from the land without a land sale. Ownership of the water right must be expressly addressed in a deed or other recorded document.

644 Notice of Replacement Point of Diversion (Revised 12-2016)
For a replacement point of diversion on a surface water source.
Waiver, for water right holders with intervening points of diversion.

645 Permit Registration for Groundwater Use within the National Park Service Compact Area
Use this form for groundwater developments located in the Glacier National Park or Bighole National Battlefield Compact Area for appropriations not to exceed 35 gallons per minute and 10 acre-feet per year.

646 Geothermal Heating/Cooling Notice of Completion
For completed ground water developments not to exceed 350 gallons per minute for non-consumptive geothermal heating and cooling purposes.

647 Notice of Completion of Emergency Fire Protection DevelopmentFor completed groundwater developments made by a local governmental fire agency to be used only for emergency fire protection.

649 Discharge (Q) (Revised 03-2022)

651 Petition to Modify a Permit or Change Application (R 12-2016)
Use this form to request a modification of your permit or change authorization. The Petition can be used to modify or remove a condition or reduce the flow rate or volume authorized.

652 Petition to Create Stream Depletion Zone (New 10-3-2013)
For existing water right holders to petition the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation to limit flow rate and volume of new wells that are exempt from the permitting process.

Request to Withdraw a Water Right/Exempt Notice (Updated 06-2017)
For Provisional Permits, Ground Water Certificates, or Exempt Notices.

Subdivision Review Predetermination Form and Guidance

DNRC Predetermination Submittal Form (Fillable) - (Updated 03-14-2023)
Use this required form when requesting a water rights predetermination from DNRC for a proposed project which will be subject to DEQ or county sanitation or subdivision review.

Subdivision Review Predeterminations Guidance - (Updated 03-14-2023)
This guidance was written to assist DNRC staff processing predetermination requests, but may also help the public understand processing considerations.

Combined Appropriations Guidance - (Updated 03-23-2022)

Water Measurement Report Forms

WM-02 Flow Meter Report Form
WM-03 Hour Meter Report Form
WM-05 Watt Hour Meter Report Form
WM-06 Staff Gage Report Form
WM-07 Open Channel Report Form
WM-08 Static Level Report Form
WM-09 Mitigation and Marketing for Mitigation Reporting Form or Excel document