In 2014, the Department of Natural Resources and Conservation began the process of making cabin and home site lease lots available for sale at the request of the lessee, in accordance with Montana Code Annotated 77-2-317 through 318. Leased cabin and home sites are now sold annually, following a selection period which occurs every other year. Available cabin sites and their status can be found below.

For more information regarding the program and specific properties please call Brent Neace at (406) 444-4289 or email More information can also be found in the August 2023 Cabin and Home Site Sales Report.

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Cabin Site Sales located on Painted Rocks and Tongue River Reservoirs are managed by DNRC Water Resources. 

State Water Projects Lands Cabin-Home Site Sales


Scheduled Auctions

For more details click the sale number you would like to view.



Sales in Closing
  • Sale 1150 (In Closing)
  • Sale 1151 (In Closing)


Sales in closing

  • Sale 2003 (In Closing)
  • Sale 2016 (In Closing)


Future Sales

Sales may be pending one or more of the following requirements, survey, appraisal, or land board approval. Sales are not scheduled until all requirements have been met. For the status of a sale contact Brent Neace at (406) 444-4289 or

Beaver Lake

  • Sale No. 2057

Rogers Lake

  • Sale No. 2052
  • Sale No. 2053
  • Sale No. 2054
Lincoln Flats
  • Sale No. 2041

Seeley Lake Development

  • Sale No. 2044
  • Sale No. 2045
  • Sale No. 2047
  • Sale No. 2048
  • Sale No. 2049
  • Sale No. 2050
  • Sale No. 2055
  • Sale No. 2040

Closed Sales

For information on closed sales click here.

 To view sold sales follow the above link and using the drop down labeled "Parcel Status" select "Sold". Then click the "Show" button. Click on the sale number you wish to view for more information.