DNRC's Water Sciences Bureau supports local and state-wide water resource management decisions by providing high quality and accurate real-time surface, groundwater, and reservoir monitoring data, conducting technical analysis of water right applications, conducting surface and groundwater hydrologic assessments, conducting water availability studies, and training court appointed water commissioners in water measurement.

Meet Our Team

Person standing with Tom Crean

Paul Azevedo
Water Sciences Bureau Chief
Helena, MT
Ph: 406.444.6635
Email: pazevedo@mt.gov

Person flying drone

Jake Mohrmann
Water Sciences Study Section Supervisor
Helena, MT
Ph: 406.444.7022
Email: Jacob.mohrmann@mt.gov

Person standing in water
Matt Norberg
Water Sciences Data Section Supervisor
Helena, MT
Ph: 406.444.6041
Email: MNorberg@mt.gov
Person standing in water
Todd Blythe
Hydrologist/Hydrologic Modeling
Billings, MT
Ph: 406.247.4415
Woman standing in water
Melissa Brickl
Groundwater Hydrologist
Kalispell, MT
Ph: 406.437.4025
Person standing in water

John Lunzer
Surface Water Hydrologist
Helena, MT

Ph: 406.444.0504
Email: John.Lunzer@mt.gov

Person standing
Troy Lechman
Surface Water Hydrologist/Stream Gaging
Helena, MT
Ph: 406.444.9755
Email: TLechman@mt.gov
Person measuring water in a well
Jack Landers
Groundwater Hydrologist
Helena, MT
Ph: 406.444.6648
Email: Jack.Landers@mt.gov
Icon of cloud
David Ketchum
Surface Water Hydrologist/Modeling Evapotranspiration
Missoula, MT
Ph: 406.542.5890
Email: David.Ketchum@mt.gov
Person standing near groundwater well
Evan Norman
Groundwater Hydrologist
Helena, MT
Ph: 406.444.6641
Email: Evan.Norman@mt.gov