The Office of Administrative Hearings is a centralized, stand-alone unit within the Director's Office of the DNRC that hears administrative disputes arising from DNRC program decisions, including the Water Resources, Trust Lands Management, and rule-making proceedings.

This unit is staffed by Administrative Law Judges (ALJ)/Hearing Examiners and administrative support personnel, who conduct and preside over administrative hearings. ALJ/Hearing Examiners are responsible for conducting fair and impartial hearings in accordance with applicable laws, rules, and procedures. They prepare and issue recommended or final decisions that include Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Orders based on the case record and applicable law.

The Office of Administrative Hearings strives to provide transparency to assure the public it will be afforded due process through fair, well-reasoned, and consistent decision making.

Contact Information

Please do not discuss the facts or issues in dispute with the ALJ/Hearing Examiner. That would be ex parte communication, which is prohibited. If you have any questions regarding any cases pending in the Office of Administrative Hearings, please contact the Hearings Assistant.


Office of Administrative Hearings
1539 11th Avenue
PO Box 201601
Helena, MT 59620-1601

Deputy Director
(406) 444-4942

Hearings Assistant
(406) 444-6615

ALJ/Hearing Examiner
(406) 444-6835

ALJ/Hearing Examiner
(406) 444-1510