Equipment Development and Communications Center

The Equipment Development and Communications Center (EDCC) is an integral part of the DNRC fire program by supporting direct protection and county cooperative fire forces with fire suppression equipment and radio communication infrastructure.

Under the direct protection program, EDCC develops new fire engines with custom pump platforms. These fire engines are used by the DNRC land offices for fire protection on state and private lands. For the county cooperative fire protection program, EDCC develops type 2 water tenders and type 3, 4, 5, 6 wildland fire engines. This equipment is owned by the state, but maintained and kept at the counties.

EDCC also manages the Forest Service Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) program and the Department of Defense Fire Fighter Program (FFP) for the State of Montana.  Through these programs the state receives excess federal property to be used for firefighting at the state and local level.  Over $100 million dollars in FFP equipment has been obtained by EDCC, much of it going directly to fire departments throughout Montana to help build capacity and capabilities.

Current FFP Property Available