To date the DNRC has prepared 56 water distribution projects at the request of the Montana Water Court. The number of projects administered by the District Courts varies from year to year, therefore all 56 projects are not under enforcement every year. The DNRC and the Water Court maintain and update all enforcement projects every year. Within the distribution areas, approximately 14,449 points of diversion have been assigned enforcement numbers. All types of active surface water rights are included in these projects which total 8,931. These include water rights from both the New Appropriations Program (post 1973 rights) and the Adjudication Program (pre-1973 rights).

Overview of the Administration of Water Court Decrees
Diversion Naming and Numbering Guidelines


E# Source County Basin  Status
E001 Musselshell River Meagher, Golden Valley,
Wheatland, Musselshell
E002 West Gallatin River Gallatin 41H Active
E003 Hyalite Creek Gallatin 41H Inactive
E004 Mill Creek Park 43B Active
E005 Big Timber Creek Sweet Grass 43B Active
E006 Sweet Grass Creek Sweet Grass 43BV Active
E007 Shields River Park 43A Active
E008 Cottonwood Creek Park 43A Active
E009 Rock Creek Park 43A Active
E010 Careless Creek Wheatland, Golden Valley 40A Inactive
E011 Swimming Woman Creek Golden Valley 40A Inactive
E012 Silver Creek Lewis and Clark 41I Inactive
E013 Carlton Creek Missoula 76H Active
E014 Wisconsin Creek Madison 41C Active
E015 South Meadow Creek Madison 41F Active
E016 Rock Creek/Tributaries Carbon 43D Active
E017 Red Lodge Creek/Tributaries Carbon 43D Inactive
E018 Clear Creek Carbon 43D Inactive
E019 One Horse Creek Ravalli 76H Active
E020 Willow Creek/Tributaries Madison 41G Active
E021 Pipestone Creek/Tributaries Jefferson 41G Active
E022 Baker Creek Gallatin 41H Active
E023 Whitetail Deer Creek Jefferson 41G Active
E024 Indian Creek Madison 41F Inactive
E025 Bear Creek Madison 41F Active
E026 Sheafman Creek Ravalli 76H Inactive
E027 Dempsey Creek Powell 76G Active
E028 Racetrack Creek Powell 76G Active
E029 Cottonwood Creek Powell 76G Active
E030 Lower Willow Creek/Tributaries Granite 76GJ Active
E031 Sourdough Creek Gallatin 41H Inactive
E032 South Boulder River Madison 41G Active
E033 Dry Creek Carbon 43D Inactive
E034 Sweeney Creek Ravalli 76H Active
E035 Middle Cottonwood Creek Gallatin 41H Active
E036 Bluewater Creek Carbon 43D Inactive
E037 Fred Burr Creek Ravalli 76H Active
E038 Emigrant Creek Park 43B Inactive
E039 Modesty Creek Deer Lodge 76G Inactive
E040 Valition Ditch Powell 76G Active
E041 Chaffin Creek Carbon 43D Inactive
E042 North Meadow Creek Madison 41F Inactive
E043 Flint Creek Granite, Deer Lodge 76GJ
E044 Cottonwood Creek/Tributaries Powell 76F  Inactive
E045 South Cottonwood Creek Gallatin 41H Active
E046 Mill Creek/Tributaries Ravalli 76H Active
E047 Deep Creek/Tributaries Broadwater 41I Inactive
E049 Indian Creek/Tributaries Lincoln 76D Inactive
E050 Cole Creek and Barry Creek Carbon 43D Inactive
E051 De Rozier Creek/Tributaries Lincoln 76D Inactive
E052 Fish Creek/Tributaries Jefferson, Silver Bow 41G Active
E053 Beaver Creek and Staubach Creek Broadwater, Jefferson 41I Active
E054 Douglas Creek/Tributaries Powell 76F Inactive
E055 Spring Creek/Tributaries Teton 41O Inactive
E056 Teton River/Tributaries Teton, Chouteau 41O Active
E057 Little Prickly Pear Creek/Tributaries Lewis and Clark 41QJ Inactive
E058 Tenmile Creek Lewis and Clark 41I Inactive
E059 Washington Creek Powell 76F Inactive
E060 Powder River and Little Powder River Powder River, Custer, Prairie 42I Inactive
E061 Flatwillow Creek Petroleum, Fergus 40B Active
E062 Sun River, South Fork Lewis and Clark 41K Active
E063 Big Bear Creek Gallatin 41H Inactive
E064 Big Elk Creek Wheatland 40A Active
E065 Crow Creek and Tributaries Broadwater 41I Active
E066 Nicholia Creek/Tributaries Beaverhead 41A Active
E067 Dupuyer Creek and Tributaries Teton, Pondera 41M Active
E068 Dry Creek Canal Company Sweet Grass 43BJ
E069 Mill Creek Madison County 41F Active
E070 Three Mile Creek Powell, Lewis and Clark 76G Active
E071 Flathead Creek Park 43A Active
E072 Burnt Fork Creek Ravalli 76H (HA) Active
E073 Parrot Ditch Company Madison 41G Active
E074 Walker Creek Lewis & Clark 41I Active
E075 Martin Creek Chouteau, Judith Basin 41R Active
E076 Birch Creek, Willow Creek, and Tributaries Beaverhead, Madison 41D Active
E077 Gaunt Springs Broadwater 41I Active
E078 Creeklyn Ditch Madison, Silver Bow, and Jefferson 41G Active
E079 Indian Creek Madison County 41C Active