The Rangeland Improvement Loan Program makes low-interest loans available to Montana's farmers and ranchers for rangeland improvements and development, and provides low-interest loans as an incentive for private landowners to undertake range improvement practices.

Loan Program by the Numbers

Loan Program Numbers
275 164 $3,697,569.01 $3,328,992.96 0
Application Loans Total of Loans Total Paid Back Defaults

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Private Landowners

Example Projects:

  • Stock water development (tanks)
  • Cross fencing 
  • Implementation of grazing methods/programs
  • Reseeding
  • Mechanical restoration
  • Sagebrush & weed management
Current interest rate = 2.5%
Maximum loan amount = $100,000
Repayment is scheduled for a maximum of ten years with annual installments

Loan applicants must apply initially to the local conservation district where the application is reviewed along with the conservation plan. The application is then reviewed by the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC), before being forwarded to the Rangeland Resource Committee. The Director of DNRC has final approval authority. 

For loan guidelines and application click here.

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Bill Herbolich

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Stacey Barta

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