2023-24 Stakeholder Working Group: Meetings and Materials

This page contains the materials and meeting recordings for the full Stakeholder Working Group meetings.

April 9, 2024: Stakeholder Working Group Meeting (half-day) | Meeting Recording (Day 1)

April 9, 2024: Public Listening Session | PowerPoint Presentation | Public Listening Session Recording

April 10, 2024: Stakeholder Working Group Meeting (full-day) | Meeting Recording (Day 2)


Final Decree Transition:

Certificates After Final Decree - Nate Ward PowerPoint Presentation (2/13/2024)

Senate Bill 72 Sections 32-35

Working Bill Draft - District Court Model (Last updated 4/1/2024)

Working Bill Draft - Division Court Model (Last updated 4/1/2024)

Working Bill Draft - Provisional Permits and Changes (Last updated 4/4/2024)

Exempt Wells:

Working Bill Draft - Green, Yellow, Red Criteria and Measurement (Last updated 4/4/2024)

Water Planning & Growth and Exempt Wells working document (for discussion purposes only) (Last updated 4/8/2024)

Summary of Proposals - Municipal Use Concerns and Policy Changes (1/5/2024)

For meeting information and documents specific to the sub-working groups, check each sub-working group's dedicated page:

Accordion Table where each tab contains the materials and recording from one meeting
Final Decree Transition

Exempt Wells, Water Planning, and Growth