The Upper Missouri River Basin is one of the four Montana regional water resource planning basins, covering an area from the headwaters in the Centennial Mountains of southwest Montana downstream to the confluence with the Marias River at that town of Loma. Available below is the 2014 Upper Missouri River Basin Water Plan as well as other technical reports that address a variety of water resource issues related to the Upper Missouri RIver Basin.

For more information regarding watershed planning in the Upper Missouri RIver Basin please contact Sara Meloy at (406) 444-4247

Upper Missouri Basin Information

Upper Missouri River Basin Water Plan - 2014  View the Report

  • Appendix A - Instream Flow rights by Sub-basin
  • Appendix B-E - Water Reservations Granted to the Bureau of Land Management, Water Reservations Granted to the Dept. Of Environmental Quality, Summary of Upper Missouri Conservation District Water Reservations and Summary of Municipal Water Reservations
  • Appendix F - Socioeconomic Portrait of the Upper Missouri
  • Appendix G - Methods for Estimating Water Use

Additional Upper Missouri Basin Reports and Technical Information