Western Dam Engineering Technical Notes


This quarterly newsletter is meant as an educational resource tool for civil engineers who practice primarily in rural areas of western United States. This publication will present technical articles specific to the design, inspection, safety, and construction of small dams. The Western Dam Engineering Technical Note is sponsored by the Colorado Division of Water Resources; the Montana Department of Natural Resources; the Wyoming State Engineer’s Office and the New Mexico State Engineer's Office. These Technical Notes are compiled, written, and edited by AECOM Corporation in Denver, Colorado. Funding is provided by the FEMA National Dam Safety Act Assistance to States grant program.

Archive (Past Issues)

*NEW* Vol. 9 Issue 1 - Dam Decommissioning-Consideration and Keys to Success; Complex Decisions Don't Require Complex Tools-Alternatives Analysis Using a Multi Criteria Decision Tool

Outlet Works Rehabilitation Guide for Small Dams

This webpage maintained by the Association of State Dam Safety Officials is dedicated to understanding outlet works rehabilitation. Suited for dam owners, engineers, regulatory agencies and anyone who wants to learn more about outlet works rehabilitation.

Association of State Dam Safety Officials Resource Database


ASDSO's Dam Safety Resource Database contains more than 12,000 entries that reference dam safety publications. These entries cover a wide variety of dam safety topics including technical and non-technical areas, history, best practices, regulations, news,and more. The entries also represent a variety of sources including federal and state departments, professional societies, research groups, industry news outlets, international organizations, and universities.