Customers seeking 1,000+ seedlings of a specific species are encouraged to join our Contract program. Utilizing the Contract program for large orders ensures we can provide you with genetically fit seedlings for your planting area and guarantees you'll receive the quantity of seedlings needed for your project.

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Contract Sales


Ordering seedlings from the nursery's general sale inventory is a convenient, easy way to procure small quantities of seedlings. However, higher volume customers should set up a contract with the Nursery in advance of production. The contract establishes a customized grow for the quantity and seed source needed for large projects. The average time for contract fulfillment is 18 months. Remember, we are growing the trees for your project, they are seeds when you call us, and we need time to grow them into trees.

There are three contract order requirements:

  1. Customers desiring a contract must order 1,000 individuals of one species, every species after must be ordered in a minimum of 500.
    Contracts not available for 175 cubic inch container species.

  2. The contract must be established by December, prior to the start of the seed germination process.

  3. Contracts are set-up directly with the Nursery.


Ashley Mattson

Phone: 406-542-4244