The Renewable Resource Grant and Loan Program (RRGL) funds the conservation, management, development and preservation of Montana's renewable resources. The RRG Project Grant Program has funded numerous public facility projects including drinking water, wastewater and solid waste development and improvement projects have received funding through this program. Other renewable resource projects that have been funded include irrigation rehabilitation, dam repair, soil and water conservation and forest enhancement.

Current Grant Cycles

Next Application Deadline: May 15, 2024 by 5pm

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Eligible Applicants:

  • Cities, counties, or other political subdivisions including:conservation districts, irrigation districts, and water/sewer/solid waste districts
  • Tribal governments in Montana
  • Divisions of state government (departments, agencies, boards, commissions)

Eligible Projects:

Eligible funding types are specified in 85-1-602, Montana Code Annotated (MCA).
            [1] Either grants or loans may be provided to fund the following types of projects:
                 (a) feasibility, design, research, and resource assessment studies;
                 (b) preparation of construction, rehabilitation, or production plans; and
                 (c) construction, rehabilitation, production, education, or other implementation effort 

Examples of RRG Projects include:

  • public facility projects including drinking water, wastewater and solid waste development and improvement projects
  • irrigation rehabilitation
  • dam repair
  • soil and water conservation


Grant Amount 

Grants are limited to $125,000 per project.

How to Apply 
Submit applications through the online grant management system:  grants.dnrc.mt.gov 

  • 2022 RRGL Grant Application (pdf) (word)
  • 2022 RRGL Grant Application Supplement (pdf) (word)
  • 2021 Uniform Application- fillable (pdf)
  • Environmental Checklist (pdf)

DNRC solicits, evaluates, and ranks each application and forwards its recommendations for funding to the Governor’s Office before each regular legislative session.  With the governor’s approval these recommendations are submitted to the legislature.  The legislature makes the final decision on which projects will be funded.  

Funds for projects approved by the legislature are awarded according to the funding priority list set by the legislature and are contracted according to available revenue.  Not all approved projects will be funded if the total amount requested exceeds available funds.  

Additional Information

Application Gallery and Project Information
RRGL Applications Submitted May 16, 2022
  • RRGL Ranked List (pdf)
  • RRGL Alphabetical List (pdf)

Grant  Management Information available on the Training and Education Page

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