The Yellowstone River Basin is one of the four Montana regional water resource planning basins, and includes such major tributaries as the Bighorn, Tongue, and Powder rivers. Available below are documents relating to the 2014 Yellowstone River Basin Water Plan as well as other technical reports and documents that address water resource issues in the Yellowstone River Basin.

If you have questions about water planning in the Yellowstone River Basin please contact Sara Meloy at 444-4247.

Yellowstone Basin Information

Yellowstone River Basin Water Plan - 2014  View the Report

  • Appendix A - Yellowstone Basin Planning Methodology
  • Appendix B - Population and Income
  • Appendix C - Climate and Historical Drought
  • Appendix D - Yellowstone River Basin Streamflow
  • Appendix E - Yellowstone River Basin Water Quality
  • Appendix F - Methods for Estimating Water Use
  • Appendix G - Past Efforts to Estimate Future Demand
  • Appendix H - Potential Effects of Climate Change on Future Water Supplies and Demands

Additional Yellowstone Basins Reports and Technical Information