Dam Owner Emergency Intervention Toolbox (Gannett Fleming, 2016)

History has shown us that successful intervention has prevented many dam failures. An "intervention" is not always straight forward; sometimes more harm can be done than good. Typically there is limited time to react and prepare. Recognizing the need for such a dam safety resource related to intervention, the Montana DNRC, in collaboration with other partnering State dam safety agencies and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), developed a dam emergency response toolbox for dam owners and other dam safety professionals.

The Dam Owner Emergency Intervention Toolbox is a collection of helpful resources and case study summaries. The toolbox contains innovative and effective emergency response solutions, best practices, response techniques, and other resources related to providing effective intervention during a dam emergency. This toolbox can be used for emergency planning efforts, risk reduction, and dam owner training and outreach.

Click on the links below to download the toolbox:

Design Review Tools - UPDATED JUNE 2021!

New tools to assist the dam safety regulator review design reports, plans and specifications are now available. The checklists can be easily customized depending on the complexity of the project and unique circumstances. Although developed for dam safety regulatory agencies, design engineers will also find these tools to be of value.

Design Report Review Toolbox

This handy spreadsheet checklist provides guidance on what to look for when reviewing a design report. 

Specifications Review Toolbox

Specifications - always a challenge to review and write, especially for dam construction projects. The tool was developed in Microsoft Excel and contains indexed worksheets that pertain to major parts of a dam constructions project, including general requirements, earthwork, drainage pipe, concrete and water control. Each worksheet systematically reminds users of important things that need to be considered through a series of targeted questions. The Tool addresses the most commonly used dam construction topics. 

Construction Drawings Toolbox

Although drawings are unique for every project, there are some common things the reviewer must look for. 

These tools were developed to improve the quality of construction project document reviews. Note these tools contain macros...if you have any problems downloading please contact us and we will find an alternate means to share with you.