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The Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery is an agricultural facility dedicated to providing plants for conservation work across the state. Established in 1927, and originally located at the University of Montana before relocating to the DNRC Missoula Campus in 1952, the Montana Conservation Seedling Nursery has been growing conservation seedlings for almost 100 years. The Nursery operates as a state proprietary enterprise. Seedling sales provide the revenue for general operations.
The Nursery does not receive direct appropriations from the legislature.

The Nursery grows trees and other plants for conservation from seed that staff and community members collect across Montana, if quality seed cannot be collected the nursery will acquire source identified seed from reputable sources. Conservation is defined as the planned management of practices focused on protecting species from extinction, maintaining and restoring habitats, enhancing ecosystem services, and protecting biological diversity. Conservation work has evolved over the last century and the Nursery continues to provide seedlings for the conservation needs of this time. See our conservation verification check list to see if your project qualifies.

We provide containerized and bareroot stock that is grown at our nursery from wild collected or source identified seed. We provide seedlings for private landowners; county conservation districts; government agencies; conservation organizations; tribes, and the forestry industry throughout the State of Montana.


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