Water is essential to all Montanans.

Without clean, abundant water, our lives and landscapes would look completely different. So how do we meet our water needs today, tomorrow, and fifty years from now? We plan.  

But planning isn’t enough. Shepherding the wise use of Montana’s water requires local effort and leadership. There are over 100 watershed groups and conservation districts across the state. Communities from Heron to Homestead, from Wyola to Whitefish, drive locally-flavored watershed management, conservation, and restoration every day. Municipalities, too, are investing more in water security, source protection, public engagement, and integrated water resources planning.

We recognize all communities are different. To help you address your community’s unique water-related challenges, we:

  • Co-develop locally led water planning processes
  • Help engage stakeholders
  • Connect local communities to state and federal resources
  • Help write grant applications, plans, and project proposals
  • Help you identify, prioritize, and implement projects, and
  • Facilitate public processes

We also lead statutorily-defined state water planning. Check out the State Water Plan and Drought Management Plan.