Dispersed bike riding is allowed on certain state trust land with a Conservation License. 

Group rides or race events require a special recreational use license

Standard Pedal Bikes: 

Bicycles that are not propelled by motor powered components (electricity or petroleum) are generally allowed on trust land trails, roads, and off-road.

There may be certain instances where bike use could be limited due to environmental concerns or land management activities.  In those instances, limitations will be signed at common access points. 


Electric Bikes, aka peddle assist bikes, are considered to be motorized vehicles within the context of recreational use of trust lands.  They are allowed on public roads, and roads signed as “open” by DNRC.  See our Motorized Recreation page for more information. 

There may be more opportunities for E-bike use on federal land in your area.  Check out these pages for more info:   

Forest Service E-Bike Policy

BLM E-Bike Policy