Update the Water Right Query System to be a user-friendly tool that easily provides access to full, accurate, detailed information about Montana water rights.

The Water Right Query System is based on end-of-life-technology. The current system needs increased functionality and ease of use, capitalizing on improved technology, to address stakeholder needs.


The Plan

  1. WRD will continue to work with stakeholders to solicit and analyze the needs of the WRQS to improve customer service and ease of use.
  2. WRD will develop and replace the WRQS based on stakeholder input
  3. WRD will conduct a business analysis aimed at documenting and formulating plans on how to further leverage and enhance the WRQS.  These analyses will include but not be limited to:
    • Integrating Water Court Case files into the scanned documents
    • Integrating water right application materials into the scanned documents at the time of public notice
    • Integrating enhanced GIS/mapping capabilities into the system
    • Making scanned materials easier to understand and act upon