Snowmobile use on public land in Montana is regulated by Montana’s Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks (FWP).  Check out their Snowmobile Regulations & Registration page for statewide regulations and other tips. 

Snowmobiles are allowed on certain state trust land with your state lands recreational use license. 

Group rides or race events require a special recreational use license

Public Roads: Allowed if permitted by traffic laws and regulations. 
Other Roads signed by DNRC as "open": Allowed. 
Off-road or upon roads not open by DNRC:

Generally allowed on unleased land.  Most trust land east of the continental divide is leased.  Forested land west of the divide is generally unleased. 

*There may be environmental factors that limit snowmobile use in certain areas.  Contact the local DNRC Office to confirm allowable use in specific areas. 

Trails: Montana has thousands of miles of groomed snowmobile trails across the state.  Check out the FWP Snowmobile Webpage for permit information and to find a trail.