Madison, Jefferson, Gallatin, and Broadwater Counties have been working with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation (DNRC) to produce new floodplain maps for portions of the Madison, Ruby, Jefferson, Beaverhead and South Boulder Rivers, and Mill and Indian Creeks.  See project extents here.

Updated floodplain maps will depict the latest, most accurate flood risk data, and will eventually result in updated FEMA floodplain maps. Most of the existing FEMA floodplain maps and Madison County flood prone maps are based on data from the 1980s and 1990s. 

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Draft or preliminary maps and studies need to go through a lengthy technical and public review process. When finalized, new maps could have effects on some property owners in mapped 100-year floodplains. Click on your county below to learn about the floodplain designations referenced on the maps, community meetings, and other information:

Open Appeal / Comment Period:

Madison County August 24, 2023- November 21, 2023

**For more information please go to the Madison County tab below**

Public Open House Meetings:

Madison County
July 19, 2023| Twin Bridges| view slides view video recording
July 20, 2023| Ennis | view slides view video recording

Past Open House meetings
March 9, 2021 | Madison River | view slides   view video recording

March 10, 2021 | Jefferson River & S. Boulder R. | view slides   view video recording
March 11, 2021 | Ruby & Beaverhead Rivers, Sheridan & Twin Bridges | view slides   view video recording

Flood Insurance Information:

RR-22.0-Rate-Guide.PNG   RR-2.0-Discount-Guide.PNG

For additional questions contact your local floodplain administrator.


Gallatin County

Sean O'Callaghan
(406) 582-2280

City of Three Forks

Kelly Smith
(406) 285-3431

FEMA issued preliminary maps for Madison County on February 26, 2023.

For more information on what it means to own property in the floodplain please look at the flyers below.

A formal appeal/comment period will be held for Madison County, and the Towns of Ennis, Sheridan, and Twin Bridges from August 24, 2023- November 21, 2023.
What goes into a formal appeal?
Appeal Information

An Appeal is a technical issue with a Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map.  Some common types of Appeals include a flood elevation objection (for a larger area, individual homes use a separate process) or a dispute with the delineation of a floodplain boundary. A formal appeal will be required to be submitted to the community offices. Along with the supporting documentation needed for an appeal a comment and appeal form (found below) will also need to be submitted.

Appeals require supporting documentation such as a topographic map, engineering study, etc.  Visit and search “Criteria for Appeals of Flood Insurance Rate Maps” for more  information about Appeals.

What is a comment?

A Comment is map error found on a Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map. Some common types of Comments include the correction of a street name, town limit boundary, etc. Comments do not generally require supporting documentation. 


To file a formal appeal a landowner must complete the appeal / comment form. Below are the forms for each of the jurisdictions. 
Appeal and Comment forms:
Madison County          Ennis
Twin Bridges               Sheridan

For more information please contact your local floodplain administrator.

Madison County

Connie Dedrick 
(406) 843-5250

Town of Ennis & Town of Twin Bridges

Cody Marxer 
(406) 872-6359

Town of Sheridan

Mayor Judy Edwards 
(406) 842-5431


FEMA issued Preliminary Floodplain Maps to Broadwater County on October 14, 2022. 

For more information on what it means to own property within in the floodplain please see the flyers below.

A formal appeal period for the Broadwater County preliminary maps was held between May 5, 2023 and end on August 1, 2023. 
For more information on the flood study please contact your local floodplain administrator:
Jerry Grebenc
Broadwater County Floodplain Administrator
(406) 495-6153

Tentative Project Timeline