Did you know most homeowner’s policies do not cover flood insurance?

Unless you’ve specifically purchased flood insurance, you are probably not covered against flood losses. You’re not alone; most Montanans aren't covered. The good news is that flood insurance is available in most parts of Montana through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

Private flood insurance may be available and may be more affordable than National Flood Insurance. Contact your local insurance agent or check out the links below to learn more.

Flood Insurance Information for the Public

Montana Insurance Commissioner:  This page gives flood insurance information specific to Montana. 
FEMA's FloodSmart:  This is a great resource for general information about flood insurance.

Risk Rating 2.0 - Effective August 31, 2021

FEMA has updated the NFIP Insurance side with a new rating methodology.  This drastic overhaul will have a major impact to local communities and property owners throughout the state.  Below are some flood insurance resources on Risk Rating 2.0.


National Flood Insurance Program


CRS Flood Insurance Discount Program