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In Montana, schools and other public institutions are funded in part by revenue generated from certain state-owned lands - those state lands are Trust Land. Montana state trust lands are working lands. These lands are held in trust for the perpetual yield of revenues to support Montana’s public education institutions.
Over $55M distributed
Over $55M distributed

$327 per student in 2021


Agriculture and Grazing Leases

4.7 million acres of State Trust Lands are managed for agriculture and grazing leases. These leases support the agricultural economy while generating revenue for the trust. 

Leasing Opportunities

Recreation on State Trust Lands

The Department also maintains the public's privilege to recreate on legally accessible trust land. Recreational users of State Trust Lands must have a Conservation License.  A portion of Conservation License sales helps to fund trust beneficiaries.

Having the proper license and recreating responsibly helps keep Montana’s working lands open to recreational use.