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Environmental Documents

This web page contains all DNRC environmental documents posted in the last 30 days. To access older documents, visit the Legislative Services Search Index.

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Coal, Oil, Gas, and Other Minerals

Nothing new in the last 90 days.

Coal and Coal Bed Natural Gas (CBNG)

Decker Coal Monitoring Well 2018-11-09
Decker Coal Company is proposing to install a groundwater monitoring well at the East Decker Mine. The well is proposed to be drilled to the Dietz2 coal seam.

Oil and Gas

Colorado Charlie-1H
Alta Vista Oil Corporation plans to drill a horizontal Mowry Formation test, 8,098’ TVD/ 12,054’ MD. The location is in core Sage Grouse habitat and requires sage grouse approval. Program letter received 1-23-2019.

Kittleson JR #5-2 SWD 2019-01-23
Hydra MT LLC plans to drill a well to use as a class II injection well in the Dakota Formation. Surface casing to be set at 1,875’. Proposed TD is 5,860’ MD / 5,860’ TVD.

Burlington 31-1 2019-01-09
Ballard Exploration Company, Inc plans to drill a Heath formation test. 2,600’MD/TVD. Surface casing to be set at 350’ and cemented to surface.

Unit 35-08 2019-01-09
Denbury plans to drill an injection well in the tertiary CO2/Waterflood program. The TD of this vertical well is 4,800’ in the Muddy Sand Formation. Solids will be contained in metal pits and then hauled to a licensed disposal facility.

Unit MC 34-9NH 2019-01-09
Denbury plans to drill a horizontal oil well in the Mission Canyon formation, 12,469’ MD / 7,528’ TVD. Surface casing to be set at 2,000’ and cemented back to surface.

Lange 3-6 2019-01-09
A.B Energy, LLC plans to drill a well for an Swift formation test 2,400’ MD / TVD. Surface casing to be set at 380’.

Alta Vista Golden Monkey – 1H Well 2019-01-03
Alta Vista Oil Corporation has requested to construct an oil well, pad site, tank battery and access road on the section of Trust Land mentioned above. This oil well will be drilled into the Heath formation. The total disturbed area is expected to be 4.7 acres. The size of the pad that is to be constructed will be approximately 450’x450’, or 4.65 acres. All pits will be constructed on cuts and will not be allowed on fills. Cuts and fills will range from 0.1 to 0.3 feet.

Other Minerals

Nothing new in the last 30 days.


Nothing new in the last 30 days.


Forest Management/Forest Practices
Nothing new in the last 30 days.

Forest Management Activity
Nothing new in the last 30 days.

Timber Sales

Timber Sales up for Bid Additional Timber Sale Information
Timber Sales Results

Land Use/Land Use Licenses

SRI Buried Stock Water Pipeline 2019 2019-03-05
The lessee, SRI River Holdings, LLC has submitted a land use license (LUL) application proposing to place a
buried stock water pipeline across their State of Montana Trust Land Grazing lease No. 329 located in Section
36, T3S R7W. The project involves extending an existing stock water pipeline lease improvement that currently ends at a stock
tank located in the SW¼NE¼NE¼. The pipeline would extend from the tank to the West through the S½N½ of
section 36, a distance of approximately 4,420’ to private land in Section 35. The purpose of the pipeline project
is to take water from an existing well located on Trust Land in adjacent Section 30, T3S R6W to private and
BLM lands to the West.

Bertsch Trespass Land Use License 2019-02-27
Storage of an existing windrow of lawn clippings and tree needles capped with fill dirt as well as an existing wooden fence on approximately 0.25 acres adjacent to Lot 27 Seeley Lake Development and Lars Kramen Lane and as shown on the attached map.

Neiffer Trespass Land Use License 2019-02-27
License to authorize use of approximately 0.10 acres of state trust land for an existing wood and stone fence line adjacent to Lot 13 Lincoln Flats and Chokecherry Lane and as shown on the attached map.

Land Banking Sales

Nothing new in the last 30 days.

Land Sales

Nothing new in the last 30 days.

Land Exchanges

Nothing new in the last 30 days.


Deer Park Borrow Pit and Road Maintenance 2019-03-05
Removal of up to 100 cubic yards of pit run from an existing gravel pit as well as placement of pit run and routine road maintenance along Deer Park Road.

Recreational Use

Nothing new in the last 30 days.


City of Great Falls Water Line Installations 2019-03-15
The City of Great Falls has applied to DNRC for a Right of Way Easement for two pipelines, which will be installed below the Navigable Riverbeds of the Sun and Missouri Rivers.The pipelines would be installed with horizontal directional drilling equipment and would be 30-80 feet below the riverbeds.

Boutilier ROW 2019-02-22
Douglas J. Boutilier wishes to obtain an easement for a private driveway across State Trust Land in Section 27 Township 10 North, Range 4 West. The ROW would apply to an existing gravel road already in use to access a single-family residence to be built in the future. The proposed easement would begin at the end of Lombardy Drive and use the entire existing road to private land. The easement would be 2,997 feet long and 30 feet wide encumbering 2.064 acres.

REC Blodgett Powerline Easement 2019-02-20
The granting of a 10-foot wide permanent easement for the installation and maintenance of a buried electric powerline approximately 4,749 feet long across state-owned trust lands within Section 16, T6N-R21W. The easement applicant is Ravalli Electric Cooperative. The power line is intended to provide electrical service to a communications tower owned by Ravalli County Electric Cooperative.


Nothing new in the last 30 days.


Nothing new in the last 30 days.


Water Right Environmental Assessments.

Dam Facilities, Reservoirs, and Hydropower

Allendale Canal Intake & Fish Screen 2018-11-01
Decision Notice for the Allendale Canal Intake & Fish Screen Environmental Assessment.

Water Rights


MEPA – Public Participation Guide
A tool to assist the public in providing quality comments on Montana's environmental projects.

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