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Environmental Documents

This web page contains all DNRC environmental documents posted in the last 30 days. To access older documents, visit the Legislative Services Search Index.

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Coal, Oil, Gas, and Other Minerals

Nothing new in the last 90 days.

Coal and Coal Bed Natural Gas (CBNG)

Nothing new in the last 90 days.

Oil and Gas

Spider Monkey #1 2018-08-03
Alta Vista Oil Corporation plans to drill a Charles Formation test, 6,000’ TD. The location is in core Sage Grouse habitat and requires sage grouse approval.

Rock Creek 8-21 Nelson 2018-08-03
Single derrick drilling rig to drill to 2900’ TD, Cut Bank Formation.

Kendrick Heirs 13-32 2018-07-17
Briscoe Petroleum, LLC plans to drill a 6,000’ MD/TVD oil well with objective formations being the Tensleep and Amsden. Surface casing to be set at 300’.

Burlington 35-1 2018-07-17
Ballard Exploration Company, Inc plans to drill a Heath formation test. 3,000’MD/TVD.

Coral Creek Unit MC44-09SH 2018-07-17
Denbury Onshore plans to drill a horizontal well into the Mission Canyon Formation 12,729’ MD / 7,193’ TVD. Surface casing to be set at 2,000’ and cemented to surface.

Coral Creek Unit MC44-09NH 2018-07-17
Denbury Onshore plans to drill a horizontal well into the Mission Canyon Formation 12,869’ MD / 7,206’ TVD. Surface casing to be set at 2,000’ and cemented to surface.

Tortuga #26-1 SWD 2018-05-22
Hydra MT LLC plans to drill a class II injection well in the Dakota Formation with a TD / TVD of 5,500’. Surface casing will set to 1,735’. This well is planned to be a salt water disposal well.

Other Minerals

Fisher Sand and Gravel Railroad Ballast Test Drill
Fisher Sand and Gravel is proposing to test a rock outcropping in Hill county for its suitability as railroad ballast. The testing will be done with a small drill rig on top of the ridge.

Wheatland County Road Dept. Gravel Test 2018-07-23
Perform backhoe test for gravel.


Nothing new in the last 30 days.


Forest Management/Forest Practices

Nothing new in the last 30 days.

Forest Management Activity

Nothing new in the last 30 days.

Timber Sales

Timber Sales up for Bid Additional Timber Sale Information
Timber Sales Results

Land Use/Land Use Licenses

Demars Road Use LUL 2018-08-14
Brian De Mars and Betty Tinsley have applied for a Land Use License (LUL) to access their deeded property where they plan to build a new home. There is an existing easement across the state land along the south boundary of the state land that accesses the De Mars and Tinsley property, but the new house will be built on the north end of the deeded land. There is an irrigation pivot and crop land limiting access through the deeded property to the new house location. An LUL would allow De Mars and Tinsley access without having to construct new roads and tear up existing crop land on their deeded land.

Land Banking Sales

Nothing new in the last 30 days.

Land Sales

Nothing new in the last 30 days.

Land Exchanges

Logan Landfill Exchange 2018-08-03
The proposal is for the Gallatin Solid Waste District to exchange their adjacent property to the west of the landfill to DNRC for University of Montana and Common School Trust Lands on which the landfill and scale house are currently located, these lands are of approximately equal value. This exchange would allow both DNRC and the Gallatin Solid Waste District to consolidate their holdings and provide for improved management and access to their respective lands. Improved management of these lands would benefit the Trust beneficiaries, Gallatin Solid Waste District, the public and the natural resources.


Amos Berky Corral and Fence 2018-08-14
Amos Berky, DNRC grazing lessee, has applied for an improvement request to grazing lease #4997. He would like to install a corral and fence to gather and load cattle to remove them from this lease after the allotted Animal Unit Months (AUMs) have been utilized.

Fairhaven Colony Pipeline 2018-08-09
DNRC Ag & grazing lessee, Fairhaven Colony, has an existing 1" pipeline from one existing stockwater tank to another. All of this infrastructure is on State land. Fairhaven Colony would like to install an additional 1.5" pipeline next to the existing pipeline to increase flow to the last tank on this pipeline.

Jappe Water Improvement 2018-07-23
Building a water supply pipeline across a corner of state land and placing a stock water tank on adjacent deeded land fenced in common with state lands.

Lease 8463 Break 2018-07-17
The lessee, Allen Denzer, has requested to break these tame pasture acres. The tracts were last farmed in 1987. The estimated acres that will be broke and returned to small grain production is 49.98 acres. The lessee plans to spray out the tame pasture in the spring/summer of 2018 and then direct seed the proposed break area to winter wheat in the fall of 2018.

Recreational Use


Mid-Rivers Telephone Fiber Optic Easement Musselshell Extensions 2018-08-16
Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative is applying for 16’ wide easements on three parcels of Trust land in Musselshell County for the underground installation of fiber optic cable. The easements are proposed to run parallel to existing county roads and state highways.

Mid-Rivers Telephone Fiber Optic Easement Dean Creek Extension 2018-08-08
Mid-Rivers Telephone Cooperative is applying for two 16’ wide easements for the installation of underground fiber optic cable on a parcel of Trust land in Musselshell County described as Section 7-T6N-R24E. The two proposed easements would provide new fiber services off an existing fiber optic line that was approved in 2012 via Easement No. D-14393/App #15972 and that generally runs parallel to Dean Creek road through the section.

Nemont Telephone Cooperative, Inc. 2018-08-02
The proponent proposes to install an underground fiber optic line within a right-of-way 20’ wide across School Trust lands in Valley County.

Ravalli Electric Coop – McGee Buried Powerline 2018-07-27
The granting of a 10-foot wide permanent easement for the installation and maintenance of a buried electric powerline approximately 5,048 feet long across state-owned trust lands within sections 26 & 27, T2N-R19W. The easement applicant is Ravalli Electric Cooperative. The power line is intended to provide electrical service to property owned by Mark & Michele McGee.


Nothing new within the last 30 days


LUL Wind Farm Access Road 2018-08-02
A 30 foot wide access road to accommodate large trucks and equipment for construction of and maintenance of the proposed South Peak Wind Farm.


Water Right Environmental Assessments.

Dam Facilities, Reservoirs, and Hydropower

2018 Fred Burr Dam Conduit Inspection and Repairs 2018-08-06
A potentially hazardous situation was discovered at Fred Burr Dam in 2012. A sinkhole was noticed on the downstream face of the dam, adjacent to where the outlet passes through the dam. Repairs were completed on the sinkhole; however, the entire outlet conduit needs to be regularly inspected to monitor the structure for any abnormalities. To accomplish this, Fred Burr Creek needs to be temporarily rerouted around the reservoir inlet. The plan, similar to what was previously used in 2013, is to construct a temporary coffer dam/pump pit in the reservoir and pump the creek water over the top of the spillway and then discharge back into the creek. The existing flows (which will be very low) should be maintained with only minimal changes and/or interruptions. Additional minor repairs will be made to the conduit and intake areas as part of the project. No adverse water quality or streamflow effects are anticipated. The required MT DEQ, MT DFWP, and Corps of Engineers permits have been acquired, and the Forest Service provided a statement that the project will not affect bull trout or associated critical habitat.

Water Rights

MEPA – Public Participation Guide
A tool to assist the public in providing quality comments on Montana's environmental projects.

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