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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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Legal Workshop

Legal Workshop

2010 Floodplain Resource Seminar, College of Technology, Helena MT 

Protecting the Property Rights of All - Ed Thomas, Esq, CFM, Michael Baker Jr., Inc. 
NAI Negotiations - Ed Thomas, Esq, CFM, Michael Baker Jr., Inc. 
Regulating Development; Beyond Floodplain Ordinances - Jerry Grebenc, Program Manager, Community Technical Assistance Program, MT Dept. of Commerce
DNRC Floodplain Program - Fred Robinson, Esq, DNRC Legal Counsel

Contact Floodplain Management

Floodplain Management
DNRC Water Resources
1424 9th Avenue
PO Box 201601
Helena, MT 59620-1601

, PE
Bureau Chief
(406) 444-6816

Administrative Support
(406) 444-0862

Traci Sears, CFM
NFIP/CAP Coordinator
(406) 444-6654

Floodplain Specialist
(406) 444-1343

Floodplain Engineer
(406) 444-1300

Floodplain Engineer
(406) 444-6656

Floodplain Hazard GIS Specialist
(406) 444-6664

Mapping Outreach Coordinator 
(406) 444-0599

Mapping Outreach Coordinator
(406) 444-6732