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2021 AMFM Annual Conference

March 2-4, 2021

Tuesday, March 2

ASFPM: Introduction and current issues, by Chad Berginnis, ASFPM
Local highlight: Stream restoration in Fergus County, by Pam Vosen, Fergus County
Stream restoration overview, by Eric Trum, MT DEQ

Wednesday, March 3

Local community responsibilities, by Ed Thomas, NHMA and Western Light Consulting Services
Enforcement overview and MT enforcement SOP, by Ed Thomas (NHMA) and Traci Sears (MT DNRC)
Meeting with violators and resolving issues, by Steve Samuelson, Kanas State Government
Local highlight: Gallatin County enforcement process, by Sean O'Callaghan, Gallatin County


Thursday, March 4 

Disaster recovery, by Stacey Ricks and Garreth De Klerk, Mississippi State Government
Elevation certificates, by Del Schwalls, Schwalls Consulting LLC
MT-2 process and guidance, by Henry Poburka, CDM Smith
Hydrology in Montana, by Doug Brugger (MT DNRC) and Seth Siefken (USGS)

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