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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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2020 AMFM Annual Conference

"The Forum in the Flathead"
March 10-13, 2020
Kalispell, MT


Tuesday, March 10

Working In and Around Floodplains, by Harry Katz (FEMA), Stephanie DiBetitto (FEMA), and Traci Sears (MT DNRC)


Wednesday, March 11 

Local Floodplain Administration, by Traci Sears, MT DNRC
Letter of Map Changes, by Matt McGlone
Mineral County: Clark Fork River Tributaries Floodplain Studies, by Luke Carlson, Morrison-Maierle
Montana's Floodplain Mapping Program: Update on Current and Upcoming Projects, by Doug Brugger, Tiffany Lyden, and Nadene Wadsworth
Flood After Fire, by Dianna Herrera, FEMA
Real Time Inundation Mapping on the Flathead River, by Travis Ball (USACE), Ray Nickless (NWS) and Kathy Chase (USGS)
Benefits to a Community Rating System, by Constance Lake, ISO


Thursday, March 12 

Climate Change in your Hometown: An Overview of How What We See Can Be Distilled into a Practical Application of Flood Risk for Your Community, by Andrew Park-Friend, Michael Baker International
Low Flood Risk? Ice Jam Flooding and Modeling, by Russell Anderson, Mark McBroom, and Andrew Park-Friend, Michael Baker International
Ice Jams Mobile-Friendly Website for Ice Jam Data Collection and Display, by Katherine Chase, USGS
What Makes Good Flood Risk Communication, by Sam Bugg, FEMA CERC
Floodplain Platform for Community Information, by Traci Sears, MT DNRC
The History of the NFIP Mapping Program and How We Got to Where We are Today, by Brian Koper and Thomas Smith, FEMA
Substantial Damage and Compliance in Post Disaster Scenarios, by Stephanie DiBetitto and Harry Katz, FEMA
Montana Silver Jackets and USACE Authorities, by Tony Krause, USACE
The New Elevation Certificate, by Dianna Herrera, FEMA


Friday, March 13 

HEC-LifeSim Modeling for Flood Risk Awareness and Emergency Management Planning, by Brennan Beam, USACE
Bozeman Creek LOMR, by Jennifer Johnson and Paul Sanford, Allied Engineering Service, Inc.
City County Drain Flood Mitigation Project, by Greg Gabel, DOWL
Montana LiDAR: Where to Get It and How to Use It, by Katie Shank (MT DNRC) and Troy Blandford (MT State Library)
Navigating the Alphabet Soup of LOMC's, by Tiffany Lyden (MT DNRC) and Pam Vosen (Fergus County)

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