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2018 AMFM Conference

"A Rendezvous on the Missouri"
March 5-8, 2018
Great Falls, MT

2018 Conference Agenda

Pre-Conference Workshops - Tuesday, March 6
USGS Peak-Flow Frequency Analysis: Recent Developments   by Steve Sando
USGS Channel-Width Data, Regression Equations, and Peak Flow Frequencies   by Kathy Chase and Pete McCarthy

Tuesday, March 6
To the Moon and Back: the National Flood Insurance Program  by Diana Herrerra
Smooth Transition: How to Adjust Manning's "n" Values for 2D Modeling  by Andrew Friend
Lessons Learned from a Section 1316 Declaration in Montana  by Sean O'Callaghan
Missoula County Flood Tool  by Todd Klietz
What the Heck is a Silver Jacket, and What Can It Do For Me?  by Worby McNamee
DNRC Floodplain Mapping Program Updates  by Nicole Decker and Tiffany Lyden

Wednesday, March
Funding for Non-Structural Floodplain Control  by Alice Stanley
Custer County - Miles City Regional Flood Protection Project Update  by Samantha Malenovsky and Becky Bey
National Flood Services - You CAN Complete an EC-Unlocking the Mysteries of A Zones w/no BFE   by Connie Flora and Amber Cry
What is this "Model" You Speak Of?  by Ben Fennelly
Navigating the Options: which Hydraulic Method is Appropriate To Meet Your Floodplain Management Needs  by Greg Gable and Josh Robbins
Montana Infrastructure Report Card: What It Is, and How It Relates to Floodplain Management   by Melissa Matassa-Stone
City of Burlington, North Dakota Interior Drainage Design  by Thomas Johnson
Local Choices and How They Can Impact The National Flood Insurance Program   by Traci Sears and Tiffany Lyden
The Hoops of Mitigation Grants  by Adam Carlson
Emergency Management Assistance Compact - Hurrican Irma Recovery Experiences  by Adam Carlson
Helena Valley Flooding: A Case Study  by Matt Johnson and Dan Karlin
State Mitigation Plan Update  by Nadene Wadsworth

Thursday, March 8
Kicking Off the Model Floodplain Ordinance Update Process  by Michelle McNamee and Traci Sears
Flood Hazard Mapping in Alberta Canada: Highwood River Case Study  by Jim Choles
Benefits of a Community Rating System (CRS) Program  by Constance Lake
What Can LiDAR Do for You?  by Melissa Christie and Russ Faux
Planning Development in a Context of Uncertain and Changing Floodplains  by Nick Kaufman and Anne Cossitt
Montana DNRC 310 Permit Web Applications:  Show and Tell   by Bob Flesher and Bret Lian
USACE Rapid Floodplain Modeling  by Traci Owens

Thank you to all who attended and participated in this year's AMFM Conference in Great Falls. Also, thanks to the Association of Montana Floodplain Managers for making the conference such a great success!