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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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2017 AMFM Conference

"A Gathering at the Confluence"
March 6-9, 2017
Missoula, MT

Tuesday, March 6

Permitting Workshop
*Floodplain 101  by Michelle Phillips, MT DNRC
*Navigating Substantial Improvement Requirements  by Marijo Brady, FEMA Region VIII
USGS Technical Workshop
Peak Flow Frequency Analysis  by Peter McCarthy, USGS and Steve Sando, USGS
*NFIP Letter of Map Change Process  by Paul Anderson, CDM Smith

USGS Survey Flood Inundation Maps  by Katherine Chase, USGS
Do you know your Emergency Manager  by Traci Sears, DNRC and Nadene Wadsworth, DES
South Missoula Flood Control Project  by Eric Anderson, WGM Group
Grant Creek Restoration  by Matt Peterson, HDR and Greg Robertson, Missoula County
Up the Creek Without a Paddle  by Brian Bender, City of Deer Lodge and Jonathan Weaver, Great West 

Wednesday, March 8

French and Moose Creek Restoration Project  by Matt Barnes, Morrison-Maierle
DEQ Stream Restoration Policy  by Eric Trum, DEQ
Musselshell River and Antelope Creek Confluence  by Mark Franchi, Morrison-Maierle
LSAE: FEMA Floodplain Mapping In South Dakota  by Brian Murphy, CDM Smith
The 2-D Hydraulic Modeling Era  by JR Taylor, MDT
LOMAs, LOMR-Fs, and LOMR-FWs  by Marijo Brady, FEMA Region VIII
Communicating Weather and Climate  by Megan Syner, NWS
Montana's State Floodplain Program  by DNRC Floodplain Staff
The Art of Processing Floodplain Permits  by Traci Sears, DNRC
Climate Resilient Mitigation Activities  by Ada Montague, DNRC and Nadene Wadsworth, DES
Pre-Approved Stormwater Treatment Systems  by Phillip Taylor, Hydro International

Thursday, March 9 

Mitigate or Die!  by Adam Carlson, Musselshell County
Comparing Floodplain Mapping Efforts in Alberta and Montana  by Bryce Haimila, Govt of Alberta
Swan River Floodplain Study  by Greg Gabel, DOWL and Josh Robbins, DOWL
The Progression of Map Decay  by Ben Fennelly, HDR
Strategies to Drive Risk-Informed Decisions  by Jamie Prochno, USACE
XP-SWMM Modeling of Flooding in an Urban Environment  by Thomas Johnson, Ackerman-Estvold 

* presentation will be posted soon 

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