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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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2016 AMFM Annual Conference

"No drought about it, the flood will come"
March 14-17 2016
Fairmont, MT

Tuesday, March 15

Permitting Workshop
Permitting Basics  by Larry Schock, MT DNRC 
310 Permit   by Karl Christians, MT DNRC CARDD
USGS Technical Workshop

Subdivisions and Floodplains  by Melissa Matassa-Stone and BJ Grieve, WGM Group
Creating Resiliency in Urban Streams  by Brian Murphy, CDM Smith 
Shiloh Conservation Area  by Wade Irion, DOWL

Wednesday, March 16

The Musselshell River at Roundup  by Chad Bailey, Pioneer Technical Services
The Custer County-Miles City Flood Protection Project  by Samantha Malenovsky, Miles City, and Carl Jackson, KLJ
West Gallatin River Detailed Flood Study  by Mark Franchi, Morrison Maierle Inc.
Channel Migration Easement Program  by Tom Hinz, Montana Aquatic Resources Services
CSI--Montana Floodplains  by Greg Gabel, DOWL
Substantial Improvement Projects  by Marijo Brady, FEMA Region VIII
Floodplains and Shallow Water Aquifers  by Michael Downey, MT DNRC
Communication for Flood Projects  by Dan March, HDR
Musselshell Watershed Project, Phase II  by Russ Anderson, Morrison Maierle Inc.
Communication Support and Tools  by MT DNRC

Thursday, March 17 

Montana StreamStats  by Pete McCarthy, USGS
Structure from Motion 3D Landscape Mapping and Modeling  by Chris Boyer, Kestrel Aerial Services, and Caleb Lucy, Lucy Geospatial
Deep Creek Watershed Restoration Project  by Shawn Higley, WWC Engineering
Updates on Flood Insurance  by Diana Herrera, FEMA Region VIII
Retrofitting Pre-FIRM Structures  by Marijo Brady, FEMA Region VIII
Floodplain Funding Opportunities  by Tiffany Lyden, MT DNRC 


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Floodplain Management
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