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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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7/17-7/20: Floodplain Resource Seminar, Helena
Seminar Agenda 

Joint Stream Restoration Workshop Presentations
2D Hydraulic Modeling Seminar Presentations

The Floodplain Resource Seminar offers free training annually to Montana’s floodplain professionals and others interested. Topics this year included Stream Restoration, FEMA Map Products, and 2D Hydraulic Modeling. 

5/25: Disaster Response Training, Helena
Disaster Response Training Agenda

Thanks to all who attended last week's Disaster Response Training in Helena. Training materials and presentations will be posted here soon!

Other recent events

2017 AMFM Annual Conference, March 6-9, Missoula, MT
2017 Floodplain 101 for Realtors
 January 23, Livingston, MT

ASFPM Resources

Association of State Floodplain Managers  ASFPM Training Page

Certified Floodplain Manager Study Materials 

CFM Training Course
Exam Takers' Instructions
CFM Exam Overview

Emergency Management Institute Classes 

General Information/How to Apply  PDF by DNRC
EMI Application Tips  PDF by FEMA
Information about the EMI Campus

Past Seminars and Presentations

Resource Seminars
2016 AMFM Annual Conference   March 14-17, Fairmont, MT
Survey and Engineering Training
Webinars and Presentations 
Legal Workshop   2010 Floodplain Resource Seminar
Stream Permitting Presentation   Sean O'Callaghan
Realtors Training   Larry Shock, 2015, Bozeman

Montana Floodplain Management Guidebook and Training Tools

Section 1 
Supplemental 1 
Section 3
Supplemental 3

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Civil Engineering Specialist
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Floodplain Specialist
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Floodplain Specialist
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