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DNRC Headquarters
1539 Eleventh Ave. Helena, MT 59601
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Maps & Technical Reports

Below is draft technical information available for the floodplain mapping studies in Teton County.  Additional draft information will be posted here as it is available. 

Note: this information is draft and could be subject to revisions or changes.  


Teton County Hydrology Report - prepared by Michael Baker International

Survey Information

Survey Report - prepared by Morrison-Maierle, July 2021
Additional Survey work - prepared by Morrison-Maierle, December 2021

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Maps & Technical Reports


Teton County

Dani Arps
Floodplain Administrator
(406) 466-3130

City of Choteau

Mike Maples
Public Works Director
(406) 466-2510

DNRC Contacts 

Tiffany Lyden
DNRC Outreach Specialist
(406) 444-0599

Nadene Wadsworth
DNRC Outreach Specialist
(406) 444-6732